Friday, October 21, 2011

Anecdotes and Video Clips

Sorry that it has been so long since my last post, my how time flies.  We're getting ready for Halloween, getting all of the pieces and parts for our costumes, going to the pumpkin farm, etc.  Not a lot has really been happening...except that Steve did start working a new job!!!  He is now working as a massage therapist at Massage Envy.  Yay, Steve!!

Here are a few funny stories to brighten your day, and some YouTube links to watch my favorite video clips from our Monster Cam...I should probably remind you that if they're on the Monster Cam, they are SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING!!!!

The funny stories and clips have nothing to do with each other, they are just all funny.

One day, Steve went up to the Triplets' room in the morning to bring them down for breakfast.  Meghan was only wearing her diaper (thank God for duct tape, see the photo above!).  Lizzie, on the other hand, was wearing TWO nightgowns!!!

On another instance, the Triplets were finished with dinner and eating their dessert of marshmallowy goodness (a sure-fire way to get on my kids' good side is to show up with a package of marshmallows), Lizzie was the first one done eating, so I brought her into the living room for her diaper change and PJ's. When she was done, I put her on the floor and went back into the kitchen to see who was next. Charlie was already standing up in his high chair, getting ready to climb down on his own (he does this a lot, especially if he's not first). OK, Charlie's next!  I was finishing with Charlie when Lizzie was suddenly screaming by the gate and pointing into the kitchen, "MOMMY, Meghan eat all the mago's!" There was Meghan, after wiggling her high chair over to the table, helping herself to more marshmallows.  (I swear, one day Meghan is going to come home with tatoos and pink hair.)

One evening, Steve was craving chili; so that's what we had for dinner, home made chili!!  We have had the perfect weather for it. recently.  We were loving it.  Emily ate 2 bowls full, she loved it so much. That's where the chili love ended.  Charlie looked like an oompa loompa when he was done, he didn't eat any of his chili.  He just rubbed the sauce all over himself until he was orange (a completely orange face, orange neck, orange hands, orange arms, and a partially orange belly) and had sticky hair. The girls both tried it, but then opted to not eat it. Meghan opted to throw hers everywhere, and was getting good distance too, I might add.  Lizzie at least tried her chili, and then decided that it looked better on the wall than in her stomach.  Let's just say that when we saw Charlie, we new an emergency, unplanned bath was in order. Charlie objected and cried the whole time. He was overruled...a CLEAN Charlie was put to bed (oh, a clean Meghan and Lizzie were put to bed too).

Earlier this month, Emily and Charlie were sitting on the little couch. Emily exclaimed, "Charlie, guess what? Daddy....baked....Grandma's....birthday.....cake! Yay!" Charlie's response..."burp." He's such a boy!